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International Festivities

Dec 22 - The Pittock Mansion

The kick-off of international 12-16 days went well. We slept late, which was great, and spent an hour or so trimming birch branches in the backyard before an early lunch. Then we headed into Stumptown to catch the free shuttle that would take us to the Pittock Mansion Unfortunately, I forgot the camera, but it was a beautiful, clear, sunny day, and from the grounds we could see Mt. St. Helens and the top of Mt. Ranier beside it, Mt. Adams out in Eastern WA, and Mt. Hood. Beautiful views. The mansion itself was decorated for "Christmas around the world" - each space for a different country or area. Reading all about the different Christmases along with the history of the Pittocks and the mansion was like going through two museums at one time. A bit of information overload. Still, it was fun, and pretty.
When we finally made our way back across the bridge to WA, we decided to stop at our favorite spot to walk - from Who Song and Larry's to McMenamin's Columbia River - and have a cider and nosh.

Since the long anticipated visit from Skylar (and her parents) didn't materialize, we spent the evening at Liza's Scottish Country Dance class, preparing for the upcoming Betwixt and Between Dance.

Dec 23 - Japanese Day

Dec 24 - Indian Day

Dec 25 - American Day

Dec 26 - Thai Day

Dec 27 - Scottish Day

Dec 28 - African Day

Dec 29 - Italian Day

Dec 30 - Mexican Day

Dec 31 - Caribbean Day

Jan 1 - Canadian Day

Jan 2 - Bavarian Day

Jan 3 - Chinese Day

Jan 4 - French Day

Jan 5 - Middle Eastern Day

Jan 6-8 - eat the leftovers days and get back to work!