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December 28th - African Day
Another quiet day. I've been working on a Recipe Book, and have been thinking "I'll finish today for sure!" for over a week now -- Lots of details.

We had African Mugs for our breakfast drinks - a lion for Patrick, and a chimpanzee for me, and for breakfast Black-Eyed Peas with Greens.

For lunch we had Mango Tango Smoothies - blended fresh mango with orange juice. Yum! And we watched a documentary about Africa.
I checked the weather and they told me it's going to rain (80 - 100% chance) for the next 4 days. We were scheduled to go to Zoo Lites for African Day, so we packed it up and went. It was fun!
We rode on the Zoo Train first and got an overview, and then walked around the zoo looking at all the lights (which are fabulous by the way) in near monsoon conditions. We had our lovely Oregon safari hats, and mostly rainproof jackets. But we did get wet all over.
It was still fairly early when we started home - early enough that traffic was still bad, so we stopped off for a cider at McMenamin's St John's Pub. Now we're home pretty late, and still have to make some Yam and Peanut something (was going to be a full out stew, but I think a modification is in order). Perhaps we can find a movie about lions or zebras or something.
Onward and upward.