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January 1st, 2012 - Canadian Day (and Happy New Year!)
After sleeping late, we started off Canadian Day with "Canadian bacon, eggs, and toast" - the bacon was actually smoked turkey, fried (Patrick only), the eggs were tofu eggs, and the toast was gluten-free - but it was all good! Oh, and Patrick had his coffee in the grizzly bear mug, and I had my tea in the moose mug.

In the afternoon, we went skating.

Skating fun with our intrepid skating friends, Martin and Katherine MacKenzie, and our intrepid photographers, Eunice MacKenzie and Holly Gibson. After, we went to the All 'Canadian' Yogurt shop for some restorative frozen stuff.

For our supper, we had a spinach salad, and chips (meaning french fries) with gravy - this is a typically Canadian dish. We could have had Canadian Butter Tarts for dessert, but instead we had a cinnamon flavored whisky liqueur called Fireball! A product of Canada and awesomely delicious.
And then we watched a movie (more below) plus regular TV, and put together this Canadian puzzle (between naps).

Pointe-au-Pere Lighthouse, Quebec
The movie we watched was Shanghai Noon, with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Doesn't sound like a Canadian movie, does it? But, it was mostly shot in Alberta! so it looks very Canadian to me.