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January 2nd, 2012 - Bavarian Day (Let's yodel!)
We're not off to an auspicious start - we elected to postpone the Apple Pancakes, because we were still too full of Chips and Gravy. Then I looked at the ingredients of our Tofurkey Bratwurst, and it has wheat in it. Hmmm.

We made quick spinach salads for lunch with 'a-nod-to-Bavaria' potato pancakes in them, and then met Rebecca for a look-over of the Minnehaha Grange.
That taken care of, we drove across the St. John's Bridge...

I'm pretty happy with this picture that I took out the front window of the car!
to Germantown Road.
That street sign in the middle of the picture says Germantown Rd, you 'll have to take my word for it. Germantown Road is a very twisty road that takes you up to Skyline Blvd, which has some great views, but that was not our destination.
We decided to go for a hike through (Black) Forest Park. We found the trailhead with no trouble. We had never hiked through this area before. It's really incredible that there are so many miles of trails right in the city. We hiked the main trail 2.75 miles out. It rained off and on, and the trail was good, although a little schloppy.
Here we are at the turn-around to go back another 2.75 miles to the car.
We stopped for a hard cider on the way home, in the German tradition, then ...
had to do something about the disappointing bratwurst. We stopped at the store and found that all the tofu based 'meats' also include wheat, so Patrick opted for some Black Forest Ham. We had ham (Patrick) or sauerkraut (LM) sandwiches for dinner. I thought mine was excellent.

We watched 'Immortal Beloved', a story of Ludwig von Beethoven's life. It's an excellent movie and free on Hulu if you haven't seen it.

And we put together this puzzle.