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December 27th - Scottish Day
Scottish Day was pretty low key. The weather was very Scottish for one thing, so we mostly stayed at our computers doing ordinary things. We did have cooked oats for breakfast! And vegtarian Haggis for lunch. And Colcannon AND Haggis for dinner.
Thank goodness we had the Scottish Country Dancers Betwixt and Between Dance And Ceilidh after that to work off some of our delicious Scottish food!
I didn't get any pictures of the actual *dancing*, because I was dancing. But I did get some pictures of the Ceilidh Act for which I was an understudy -- Those Russians!
Lots of people came to the Dance, (did I hear 46?) and all had a good time!

And upon returning home, we had a lovely wee dram of Single Malt to help us wind down.

Ahhh! Those Scots!

My friend, Liza contributed these pictures of the actual dancing!

Thanks, Liza