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January 3rd, 2012 - Chinese Day
For our breakfast this morning, we had rice buns with plumsauce. Delicious!
We had decided to go to the Chinese Garden in downtown Portland, and found out that for this week, entrance is free! Awesome.
We parked at Lloyd Center and took the train into town, and walked the two blocks to the garden. We took ourselves on a tour, then took the guided tour - we wanted to get our money's worth.
When we finally got home, we had a late lunch of rice noodles with a broccoli and tofu stirfry with a sweet, hot sauce. It was delicious.
After a couple of hours of actual *work*, we reconvened for Chinese poker - Pai Gow. We played it with cards. It was very entertaining, and a lot of fun. We played for a couple of hours, until we finally had to wind down and go to bed.