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December 29th - Italian Day (Ciao!)
Italian Day started off pretty slowly.

I was working on the index for the Cookbook. This is a very picky process requiring intense concentration. I finished it though, so Yay!

Patrick was working on recording a song, which you can listen to...
We ran some errands in the morning, including getting some spinach so that we could have our anti-pasta salad for lunch (with olives and artichoke hearts).
It was very rainy in the afternoon, so we had to play indoor bocce ball.
Our selection of balls was both limited (we only have so many indoor balls), and varied (all different). We used the rolly eye-ball for the 'jack'. Patrick selected the pink and blue Nerf basketball and the green Koosh ball, and I got the pink and blue alternating ball and the red Koosh.
The game ranged all over the house. We played for a couple of hours, until the score was tied,
and we were hungry enough to make pizza.
I had made the gluten-free dough earlier, so it had been rising for awhile.
'never go against the family'
The Godfather
(the first half of the first one).
Here are the crusts, rising under the dishcloths. Plus the telltale glass of red wine beyond them. Oops!

And below are the pizzas, assembled and ready to go into the oven. Naturally, there are no pictures of the finished pizza, because we were busy eating them.

For our remaining Italian activity, we watched ...