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December 31st - Caribbean Day (and New Years Eve, or Hogmanay, if you're Scottish)
We started off Caribbean Day with just some toast and coffee. Stan and Ollie are ready for a day at the beach.
Nice Caribbean ornaments, plus my new slippers that I got for Christmas have sea turtles on them!

For lunch we had Caribbean Red Beans and Rice - red beans, onions, and red bell peppers with an interesting combination of spices - ginger, thyme, allspice, and cayenne. It was good though.

After lunch we decided we should go for a longish walk, which turned into a minor pub crawl. We parked at the Band Building at the Vancouver Barracks, and walked to Beaches Restaurant, where we had rum drinks. We sat under this shark.
Then we walked to Tommy O's, which we realize is Hawaiian, and not Caribbean, but they made us mojitos, so it was okay.
(We bothered Rebecca at the library for a few minutes on our way back to the car. We could see her in the window, so stopped in. :) )

When we got home, we put the flamingo lights up on the hot tub for later.

We had planned on a Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon, but somehow got sidetracked onto The Bourne Ultimatum halfway through the 2nd one, so only ended up watching two of the three we have. And we had to take some lovely beverages to the hot tub just prior to midnight before we even finished the 2nd one.
We hung out in the hot water sipping rum and watching the occasional firework until things broke loose at midnight - lots of fireworks, tooting of horns, and woohooing in the street.

We finished this puzzle, which we started yesterday while we were watching the movies.