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December 24th - Indian Day (and Christmas Eve)
Only one ornament for India, a tiger.
And Stan and Ollie in their Indian whites.
We were supposed to have fried bread with jam this morning for breakfast, but Patrick ate a scone, and I ate a little of that Maple Fritatta from yesterday. I guess we were anticipating our big Indian Buffet lunch with friends!
We went to Namaste, and were met there by Tom and Liza, Holly, John and Susan, and Jill. We ate until we couldn't eat any more, and spent over an hour in delightful conversation covering all manner of topics from movies to mountains to monkeys.
Then, a
fter a bit of a rest at home, Patrick and I went to Peacock Lane (the blue peacock is the national bird of India). It's a local street that always really does it up for the holidays!
When we finally got hungry again, we just had a little rice with Apple Chutney, and some Indian snacks called Muruku.