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December 26th - Thai Day (and Boxing Day)
Here are the boys, and the ornaments (monkeys!) for Thai Day
When we started off this morning our only plans for the day were to eat Thai food, and watch Anna and the King. We felt we needed something more active though. We thought about trying Muay Thai - kick boxing. It is Boxing Day, after all. But we couldn't think of a way to make it fun, so we decided to go on an elephant hunt.
We had heard there were elusive wild elephants in David Douglas Park, which is only about a mile from our house. After an exhaustive search, we were unable to locate the blue elephant gun. The blue elephant gun is so convenient, because you can use it to shoot blue elephants as well as white elephants (you hold the white elephant's nose until it turns blue, and then shoot it with the blue elephant gun). But we couldn't find it, so had to go with the alternate method.
We walked to David Douglas Park. The first evidence we found was a steaming pile of elephant droppings! Pee-you!
Looking through the wrong end of the binoculars makes the elephant very small. Patrick was able to squint it down to this tiny!
Slightly further on, we found elephant trails through the woods.
Then we saw the actual wild elephant!
(It was grey, so the blue elephant gun wouldn't have helped anyway.)
And then it was just a small matter to pick the elephant up with the handy tweezers I had brought along, and pop him into the jar.

Well done mighty hunters!

Now where's my Thai food?