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December 30th - Mexican Day (Buenos Dias!)
Lots of good ornaments for Mexican Day!
We started the morning with breakfast tacos - chorizo and papas with queso and salsa. Yum.
We had picked up fresh tortillas from our local tortilleria yesterday.

In keeping with the theme, today we're catching up on Yard Work, and House Work. We admire our Mexican neighbors' willingness to take on jobs that no one particularly wants to do.

So we made this little Mexican Cafe in the dining room. You can see the Mexican flag on the table, as well as the strawberry margaritas. If you look closely, you can see the dominoes on the table, too.
We learned how to play Mexican Train with the dominoes. Patrick won.
We had some delicious chorizo and rice tacos here as well!

Here's Patrick showing off the Mexican flag.

After Mexican Train, dinner and margaritas, we went downstairs. We tried to watch a movie called "Ready or Not" which, lets just say we couldn't get past the first half hour. Then we tried to watch Pancho Villa, but it wasn't holding our attention either, so we ended up watching our usual Friday nite fare, Monk.
There was a Mexican pool boy who found one of the victims - so...