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Fruit - Veggies - Other - Fall 2013

A short tour of the garden while I'm waiting for the tomato sauce to reduce.
Here's the tomato patch -- 27 plants, kind of wild and all over each other.

Next to the tomatoes, a potato patch.

This is what happens when you sprinkle a few marigold seeds between the potato plants.

Too pretty to pull up though. The potato plants were actually bigger than the marigolds at one point.

New this year...
Pink Beans - because they're interesting - we haven't tried eating them yet.

And a jolly Thai pepper plant.

Also new this year...

Horse Radish!

Here's one in a container.

And here are five more in the horse radish patch.
(Some of those plants are weeds.)

This is a nice civilized habanero pepper plant with reasonably sized habanero peppers. There are two of these plants.

Below is ONE branch of a crazy habanero pepper plant with BIG peppers, and LOTS of them. It must have found some good compost down there.

Habanero jelly, anyone!?

There are two of these plants also.

I think I'm in trouble.