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Here are my Dietary Classifications:

Carnivore – eats only dead animals. Rare among humans, who mostly die from it.
Carnie – eats dead animals as a significant part of their diet. Never really liked vegetables.
Omnivore – eats some dead animals but is not opposed to grains, vegetables, or fruits.
Beady-eye Vegetarian - eats a mostly plant based diet but still eats servings of dead animals with beady eyes, like chicken and fish, but not ones with big brown eyes, like cows.
Vegetarian – eats a mostly plant based diet but still eats milk, butter, cheese, honey and eggs.
Honey Vegan – eats a plant based diet plus honey.
Vegan – eats only plants.
Locavore – eats food that didn’t have to travel far to get to the table.

I am a Honey Vegan trying hard to be a Locavore
and now, upon the Dr.'s recommendation we are going Gluten-Free.

Check out my new Cookbook -- link below...

Become a Vegan in 8 easy steps.
Local Food

We picked these strawberries at Joe's Place Farm, U-Pick. Joe's place also has local apples, corn, winter squash, nuts, and lots of other good vegetables. Not all their food is local though, so you have to ask.

We pick our back up blueberries at Kaye's Blueberries in Battle Ground.

We shop for extras at the Vancouver Farmer's Market - there are a couple of vendors who sell beautiful hydroponic tomatoes (and other nice things) in April!

Mostly Local
Packaging Free
Gluten Free
Cook Book