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All items with a price listed are for sale. I'm working on getting online ordering, for now though, you'll have to contact me at lmae@
Please note that all dolls are one-of-a-kind. Yours can be made especially for you, so you can make suggestions about colors and themes.

Soft Sculpture Dolls
Highland Santas - $50 - $75*
Santas with Bag of Toys - $50 - $75*
Dancing Dolls - Ballroom and others - These are also draft-stoppers. $50 - $75*

Traditional Santa
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All rights reserved

Purple Santa

Silver Santa

Red and Grey Highland Santa

Rust and Turquoise Highland Santa

Green Stuart Highland Santa

Ballroom Dancers

Scottish Country or Highland Dancer (me, in fact)

Scottish Country or Highland Dancer
Bag Ladies - tuck plastic grocery bags in the top and remove them from the bottom. $30*
Specialty Soft Sculpture Dolls and Animals
Mermaid - $75*, Turtle - $20*, Octopus - $30*, Starfish with beading - $20*
*Plus shipping and handling.