Copyright 2008, Linda Mae Dennis

All rights reserved


Well, here I am, it’s five o’clock,
And where are all these guys?
Oh, what the hell, a Shiner Bock
It won’t be my demise.

Let’s line the lines and set the net
And spray my legs with Off!
We’re set to play; ah! don’t forget
My beer; another quaff.

So volley-up to see who’ll serve.
One hit, and two and three!
Illegal spike! You guys have nerve,
You think you’ll win? We’ll see.

It’s six and o; so strut your stuff.
I hope this ain’t a skunk;
Serve, bump, set, spike! I saw a puff!
It hit the line – you’re sunk!

Come on! Let’s go. Let’s make some points.
Let’s work this like a team.
All right! One more! Let’s blow this joint,
The skins will reign supreme!

Let’s fight! Let’s win! We’ve got true grit.
This serve should make them quake.
Returned! Oh no! That fatal hit;
It’s out, ‘home run’; beer break.

So back and forth and in and out
Change sides, change teams, make trades.
You can’t do that! We scream, we shout;
The afternoon, she fades.

Nope, there’s no doubt, we’re on the track
We’ve surely heard the call,
And so next week, we’ll all be back;
We love that Jungleball.